Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Alberto Cavalcanti and Henry Wulschleger's "Captain Fracasse" (1929)

"What’s shocking about the conclusion of Captain Fracasse is its unbridled sobriety: coming after a fanciful series of swordfights in which no one actually dies, the stark reality of a single death is chilling...So much of Captain Fracasse can be written off as a fairy tale, which is why this execution scene is so powerful, because it is a moment when the fantastic façade of the fiction falls away to reveal a gritty reality: that actions have consequences, and while the rich are allowed to live a fairy tale existence, those less privileged do not always retain the authorship of their own destinies..."

Read my full review of Alberto Cavalcanti and Henry Wulschleger's Captain Fracasse online here at Not Coming to a Theater Near You.

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