Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hong Sang Soo's Tale of Cinema

Cineholla is branching out. My review of Hong Sang-Soo's "Tale of Cinema" is up at the link above. Being There is a good online magazine, writings about cinema and music ('holla loves the music as well).



Pacze Moj said...

Congrats on getting published!

"Hong doesn’t spoil with politics the magic of filmmaking."

That's interesting. I don't think politics would have to spoil; politics could complicate and deepen. I liked the political setting of The Dreamers. But I haven't seen the film you reviewed, so my comment's pretty empty!


Cinema Journal said...

Your comment is not empty (and thanks for leaving one!). And I also agree completely - the setting of The Dreamers is wonderful, such a vehment era! (Did you see the new doc on Henri Langlois? It was wonderful.) What I was referring to was the second half of Bertolucci's film, when the characters have their "political awakening." Their understanding of the social situation is, of course, somewhat naive, and it fits their characters. I suppose I wish that Bertolucci, who was alive and making films in that era, would be more insightful to the idealism of the younger generation.