Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More on Jun Ichikawa

Here is a short review of Tony Takitani by Tereza Brdeckova. Its short size decieves the eye at first, for there certainly is a depth of understanding to this piece. Good, concise writing. A reccomended read (as well as watch, if you can find the film).


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Jeffrey Smadbeck said...

Yeah, i bet this movie was pretty cool and all. I think Sky High is playing in our living-room-for-a-theater in Edgartown tonight. You got that Bergman and Bertolucci at the Forum, M and I Vitolleni tonight at the Anthology, even Broken Flowers at the Angelika (Damn, I need to get back home). But I bet you haven't seen that new Bay film "The Island," OH SNAP. My theater even went so far as to hook BrokSonic computer speakers up the the projection, so we could really put ourselves into those car chases.

3 weeks till im sipping a forty on the stoops of 3rd and 12th.